Why coworking?

The recent move away from traditional office spaces and the increased number of freelancers and entrepreneurs has led to an interesting shift in the working space environment. The cost of leasing an office, furnishing it, ensuring there is internet connection, supplying coffee and water are expenses that no new start or individual, ideally, wants to spend money on. That money should go towards improving their product and/or service or on advertising so to get their name out there.

The growth of coworking has derived from the above conversations and concerns and we want to lay out a number of benefits associated with taking on space in a coworking environment.

5 key benefits when thinking about coworking:

Improved productivity

Working from home is great but imagine the work you could get through if you didn’t have to answer the door or deal with flatmates coming and going at all times of the day. There are issues with working from a coffee shop too… how good is the wifi, are there power sockets available and is there a group of individuals meeting to discuss the latest movie at the cinema? All of this is avoided in a coworking space and you benefit from a professional environment in which to meet with clients.


You will no longer have to deal with going to meet with work colleagues in their front room or a local coffee shop. No more reliance on a colleague picking up that email that you sent them at 4pm for a piece of work that you required completed for 5pm!

Coworking lets you bring your team and colleagues together under one roof without the expense of renting an office that is not required 5 days a week.

No more expensive leases

Having a view on fixed costs is great when you are a small business but what if you could identify your office costs AND have the flexibility to reduce the space you rent or only take said space on for 3 days a week. Your overheads are reduced and you are not tied into a long term lease that can be potentially problematic for the cash flow of your business in the early stages.

You are no longer tied down to a lease for 5 years and face the issue of mandatory repairs etc and no more buildings insurance costs!

Facilities on hand

Finding the right office for you and your team can be problematic and when you do find that one office that will work for you, does it have the facilities that you and your team need? A kitchen? A toilet? Parking?

Coworking spaces look to fill the gap and offer you a ‘turn key’ service in that the facilities are there for use (and did we mention the free coffee?).

Grow your business

Think of the time you will save in finding an office, decorating it, furnishing it, sorting out insrances and then you get to deal with the issues of a suitable router, printing expenses and cleaners for the space.

Coworking spaces let you focus on growing your business from day one by doing what you do and not getting bogged down in administrative tasks that are not adding value.

Coworking spaces are becoming useful environments for new startups and small business’ alike from both a cost and a practical stance. Why not give it a try today!

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