What We Do

What We Do 2018-02-28T14:32:31+00:00

Modern, First Class, Coworking Space
In Perth, Scotland

With office space for a one person start up to a team of 10, for freelancers or those mobile working, we offer an environment that is both supportive and collaborative.

No matter what industry your business is working in, we want to offer you a space that encourages sharing, growth and connectivity. Interact with other businesses in your niche or of a skill set that will help you and your business evolve.

Whether you need a desk for a day, a week or a month, we encourage you to get in touch and become part of a growing community of like minded people and businesses.

Our space is equipped with high speed broadband to keep you connected with customers and colleagues, free tea and coffee (and occasional treats) and regular networking events.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, all you need to do is turn up with your laptop, connect to our network and get your day started.


  • In office – printing, scanner, coffee, tea bags, occasional treats, wifi, power point
  • In centre – kitchen, free parking, toilets, shower, vending machines, disabled parking, disabled toilets


WHAT IS COWORKING? 2018-01-23T15:10:36+00:00

Coworking allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and business leaders to work and network in a shared space. It is a flexible, modern, alternative to the traditional office and is becoming more and more popular every year.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? 2018-01-23T15:11:19+00:00

The Working Space is located at: The Working Space, Unit E11, The Inveralmond Business Centre, Auld Bond Road, Perth PH1 3FX.

Five minutes away from Perth City centre and only a few more from Perth Train Station.

WHEN ARE YOU OPEN? 2018-01-18T21:15:58+00:00

The Working Space is open between 9am and 6pm, Monday-Friday.

CAN I BRING MY KIDS/PETS? 2018-01-18T21:15:52+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not allow children or pets.

I TALK ON THE PHONE A LOT, WILL THAT BE A PROBLEM? 2018-01-23T15:12:03+00:00

Not at all, although we ask that you not do anything that might disturb the other members of the space. Many of our members deal with important business calls every day with no issues.

CAN I HAVE A FIXED DESK? 2018-01-29T21:04:20+00:00

We do not offer fixed desks as a booking option at present but please do contact us when making your booking, or add this request to your booking,  and we will do our utmost to allocate you a dedicated desk for the duration of your stay.

CAN I USE THE SPACE AS MY MAILING ADDRESS? 2018-01-23T15:12:42+00:00

At present we do not offer this service but we are looking to add this facility in the near future.

IS THE SPACE SECURE? 2018-01-23T15:13:27+00:00

Yes, the business centre does have CCTV, security alarms and a secure door entry system.

CAN I BRING GUESTS INTO THE SPACE? 2018-01-23T15:15:01+00:00

Of course. If you are meeting with a client, or a business partner, then you can do this for free up to 2 hours but your guest cannot use their own pc, tablet or wifi enabled device to connect to the network.

I’D LIKE TO TRY OUT THE SPACE, HOW DO I DO THIS? 2018-01-23T15:16:03+00:00

Great! If you’d like to arrange a viewing then please do contact us and we will arrange this with you.

DO YOU HAVE PRINTING FACILITIES? 2018-01-23T15:16:53+00:00

Yes. Although printing is free we do have a fair usage policy. You’re welcome to print as much as you want within reason but if you decide to print out the complete works of Shakespeare we will charge you accordingly.


Not sure if coworking is right for you? Interested to know what our space feels like? We can tell you it’s wonderful but then you might want to see and experience quality coworking for yourself, so why not arrange a tour? We’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you around.

Call us on 07912 160103 to arrange a visit.

Or send us an email at hello@theworkingspace.co.uk