Coffee Shop Or Not

At The Working Space we offer free coffee and tea! There we said it, our main selling point laid out bare… okay, not really but you get the point. All coworking spaces are now expected to offer services that make them an appealing alternative to working from home or from the coffee shop that you regularly pass.

Coffee Shop Or Not

The Growth Of Coworking

Granted our coffee range may not be as extensive as the 3 boards on a wall range that some chains offer and our mug size selection may be limited in comparison too, but coffee and tea are not the real reason you venture to such locations in the first place.

You visit coffee shops, laptop in hand, to escape your regular environment and benefit from wifi and the occasional cup of coffee but think about the downside of such frequent trips. You don’t know what you will find when you walk through the door, is it busy, eerily quiet? Are the tables clean? Can you leave your laptop to make one of your all too frequent toilet breaks?

Coworking spaces look to offer you a stable environment that is clean, consistent ,allow you to feed that caffeine addiction and, and this is the most important aspect of all, they look to help you grow your business in a collaborative and truly entrepreneurial manner.

Like minded people are on hand to talk through issues, answer questions and guide you through your business journey… we are not sure there are many coffee chain employees that can do the same.

Coworking space means no more searching under desks for a plug socket or trying to conduct a video call over a inconsistent wifi signal. Business meetings can be conducted in an environment more aligned with professionalism and think of the brownie points you will earn when you tell your colleague that there is parking, for free, at the door!

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