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Why coworking?


The recent move away from traditional office spaces and the increased number of freelancers and entrepreneurs has led to an interesting shift in the working space environment. The cost of leasing an office, furnishing it, ensuring there is internet connection, supplying coffee and water are expenses that no new start or individual, ideally, wants to spend money on. That money should go towards improving their product and/or service or on advertising so to get their name out there. The growth of coworking has derived from the above conversations and concerns and we want to lay out a number of benefits [...]

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Coffee Shop Or Not


At The Working Space we offer free coffee and tea! There we said it, our main selling point laid out bare… okay, not really but you get the point. All coworking spaces are now expected to offer services that make them an appealing alternative to working from home or from the coffee shop that you regularly pass. The Growth Of Coworking Granted our coffee range may not be as extensive as the 3 boards on a wall range that some chains offer and our mug size selection may be limited in comparison too, but coffee and tea are [...]

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Benefits Of Coworking


It works both ways; a coworking community will offer you what you yourself are willing to put into it in respects of interacting, engaging and skill share. The Growth Of Coworking The days of sitting in an office, alone, unsure how to proceed with a task or how to motivate yourself are fast disappearing and instead collaborative environments of coworking are rising to help individuals and small business’ grow and overcome daily issues. Engaging in a coworking environment can be truly rewarding and the connections you make in the network can last a lifetime, both personal and business [...]

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Why The Working Space


At The Working Space we believe that people work better, and smarter, in a collaborative environment. When faced with day to day business issues it can be a lonely place being a freelancer, or constantly on the move from your main office or a start up business, it is this space that we operate in to help you grow and overcome said challenges. The Working Space Our drive is to be a collaborative, supportive, environment that encourages networking and growth of both yourself and your business. Coworking spaces are becoming more and more commonplace in cities and towns [...]

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